Season Tickets

MACA season tickets are available to anyone in the area community, of any age, at any time.


By supporting MACA you join an organization that has been bringing high-quality performances to Merrill for over 50 years. It's a way that our local community can access outstanding professional talent without going too far from home.

You get affordable access to several events. For one price, you can see all MACA Season Concerts, and attend concerts offered in reciprocity with Antigo and Medford music associations.  Season tickets are available to be purchased throughout the season, but to get the best value, sign up early.


Due to how we book our performers, we share our Merrill performances with our neighboring associations in Medford and Antigo.  This means MACA ticket holders are entitled to also attend performances in Antigo and Medford. For one price, you're able to attend twice as many performances (depending on the seasons).

Occasionally a group that is performing in Merrill one night will perform in Antigo or Medford the following night.  his opportunity gives you another chance to see a great performance, or another option to see a show if they have a schedule conflict.


ADULT (over 18) / $60.00 per adult

STUDENT (18 and younger) / $20.00 per student

FAMILY (2 adults & school-age children) / $130.00 per family


Payment must may be made by cash or check. Payment address and instructions are on the form.

(At this time we are not taking credit card payments, but we are working toward adding online payment for next season.)